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Q: What quadrilaterals have diagonals that dont bisect each other?
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What quadrilaterals dont have diagonals that intersect at right angles?

Most quadrilaterals will satisfy that requirement. Those that do (squares and kites) are the exception.

Do the diagonals of every hexagon bisect the angles of the hexagon?

No they dont because a hexagon does not have a right angle

What a sentence using bisect?

i sliced a apple in two but i dont know how to use bisect in a sentence

Are the diagonals of a rhombus always congruent?

No. The diagonals are perpendicular, but they dont have to be congruent.

What shapes have perpendicular diagonals?

dont no and need to no does anyone no the answer?

How many diagonals does a rectangle have?

2! A rectangle has only 2 diagonals, one from the corner and the other from the corner. Also that the rectangle has 4 angles, 4 sides, 2 axes of symmetry ( DONT GET CONFUSED)

What quadrilateral has diagonals that dont meet at a right angle?

Why a rhombus of course.

Do trapezoids have perpendicular diagonals?

i really dont know i tryin to figure it out myself

Do polygons fall in the same category as quadrilaterals?

polygons dont necessarily mean quadrilaterals. quadrilaterals are shapes with 4 sides whereas polygons can have 3 or more sides. so, a quadrilateral is a polygon, but having a polygon doesnt mean you have a quadrilateral.

Do the diagonals of a rhombus must be perpendicular?

no they dont have to be perpendicular, just square,rectangle, and isoceles trapizoid

How can you show that a triangle has 0 diagonals?

u dont, just leave it blank. a triangle always has 3points,3vertices,and 3 diagnels

What is the math definition of conjecture when you are using quadrilaterals?

I don't know, but the best website to check is It has a very good description and definition, so you dont have to worry about understanding!

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