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Q: What shapes have four straight sides?
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What are shapes with four straight sides called?

A quadrilateral.

What shape has fewer than four straight sides?

Common shapes with less than 4 sides are triangles and circles ( but the circle has no straight sides).

What is a shape with more than four straight sides?

A pentagon (5-sides), hexagon (6-sides), heptagon (7-sides), and octagon (8-sides) are all examples of shapes with more than four straight sides.

What is the name for a shapes with strait sides?

Shapes with straight sides are called polygons

What shapes are quadrilaterals but not parallelograms or trapezoids?

Any shape with four straight sides is a quadrilateral. A trapezoid has one pair of parallel sides, and a parallelogram has two pairs of parallel sides. So any shape with four straight sides and no parallel sides is a quadrilateral that is not a parallelogram or trapezoid.

Shapes with 4 sides?

Shapes that have four sides are known as quadrilaterals.

What shapes have three straight sides?


All shapes with straight sides?


Which shapes has uneven four sides?

A quadrilateral can have uneven four sides

What are the attributes of quadrilateral shapes?

They are plane (2 dimensional or flat) figures. They are closed shapes. They are bounded by four straight sides. Then there are others that follow from the general attributes of polygons.

What is a group of shapes with more than 4 sides called?

There is no special name that distinguishes shapes with more than four sides from shapes with four or fewer.

What always has four sides?

Quadrilaterals are shapes that always have four (4) sides