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some snowboards it doesn't matter, but some snowboards have specific ends. the end of the snowboard that is slightly more raised from the ground than the other is generally the front. or the more rounded end goes to the back with the more oval shaped end at the front. but the biggest tell is the design on the snowboard. if you stand the snowboard up and the design, or any of the writing on the board is the right way up, then the top of the board is the front.

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โˆ™ 2008-04-05 02:21:22
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Q: What side of a snowboard goes in front?
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What is the easiest snowboard trick to start with?

The easiest trick is either a front-side 180 or an ollie

What is the front of a snowboard called?

The nose.

What is a front of a snowboard called?

the nose. the back is called the tail

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What are the two stances snowboarders use?

You have Regular stance which is when your Left Foot is in Front and your Right foot on the Tail of the Snowboard. Then you have a Goofy stance which is when your Right foot is in front and your Left foot on the Tail of the Snowboard.

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probably because he goes surfing a lot.

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Skis. A snowboarder can't get into an aerodynamic tuck becaue they face sideways. A snowboard isn't as stable as two skis.

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How do you do a rodeo on a snowboard?

for a front side rodeo you are going to throw your back shoulder towards your front foot. for a back side rodeo throw your front shoulder towards your back foot. these two tips should initiate your spin. from there you should perfect this spin on a trampoline to ensure that you can complete the full 540 degree rotation on the snow.

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