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Q: What symbol correctly compares the numbers the decimal one and forty and five hundredths blank the mixed number one and nine and tenths?
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What is forty four hundredths as a decimal?

0.44 (If you have hundredths, you need to have 2 numbers after the decimal point.)

What is five-hundredths written in decimal numbers?

five-hundredths = 0.05

What is hundredths and thousandth?

the two numbers after the decimal.

Why does 0.78 have 78 hundredths?

Because it is a decimal we say hundredths not hundreds

Decimal numbers in words 0.23?

23 hundredths

What is five - hundredths written in decimal numbers?


What is decimal in numbers for six and five hundredths?


How do you write five hundredths in decimal numbers?


How do you write twenty-three hundredths in decimal numbers?


How do write thirty and twnety-hundredths in decimal numbers?


How do we write in decimal numbers of four and one hundredths?

It is 4.01

How do you write thirty and twenty hundredths in decimal numbers?

this is how you write it: 3.20 .