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Q: What variation is there with finger lengths?
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What have the relative lengths of your index finger and ring finger got to do with the issue of autism?

it doesent

What sort of variation do you think finger length is?


What is the pH balance of the Mississippi River?

I believe it was estimated to be around 8.14 for most of it's lengths, but I have to assume that there is wide variation

How many cells are in your little finger?

The little finger, or pinky finger, typically contains around 500 million cells. This number can vary slightly depending on individual variation and factors such as age and overall health.

What is a finger jellury?

There is no standard term "finger jellury." It might be a misspelling or variation of a different term. If you can provide more context or clarify the term, I can try to assist you better.

How tall is a garden shovel from top to bottom?

tradition has it at three lengths of your forearm from elbow to the end of your middle finger.

How long is the longest finger knitting?

The length of finger knitting can vary depending on the size and number of stitches used. Typically, finger knitting projects produce lengths ranging from a few inches to several feet.

When would you use a scatter graph?

When measuring body lengths for example your shoulder to arm verse your elbow to finger tip

Average male index finger length?

The average adult male index finger length is around 2.9 inches or 7.4 centimeters. However, there can be variation based on genetics, age, and other factors.

Are womens ring fingers longer than the middle finger?

In most cases, the ring finger is slightly longer than the middle finger in women. This difference in finger lengths is more pronounced in some individuals than in others.

The lengths of the sides of triangle F'G'H' vary directly with the lengths of the corresponding sides of triangle FGH The constant of variation is 2.5 What is the length of side F'G'?

It is 2.5 times the length of FG. Since the latter length is not given, it is not possible to provide a more comprehensive answer.

Which unit would be best to measure the length of your pinkie finger?

A unit like inches or centimeters would be best to measure the length of your pinkie finger. These units are commonly used for measuring smaller lengths accurately.