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They are two completely different mathematical terms. The mode of a set of numbers is the number that appears most in the set. The mean is the average of the numbers in the number set. Add all numbers together and then divide by however many numbers are in the set.

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Q: When do use the mode instead of the mean?
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Who would use mean median and mode?

I use it in class when looking at my student's scores... Often I look at mean, median, and mode to decide to reteach a concept or not.

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Can you think of a situation where you'd use the mode over the median or mean?

You could use mode over median or mean when calculating probability. Mode calculates the greatest number of times an object or number will appear.

How does a statistician use mean median and mode?

in maths

What does modmean in math?

if you mean mode, instead of mod. Mode, mean and medium are types of averages. Mean is generally what people call average, when you add up all of the numbers and divide by the amount. Mode is the most common number from a range of numbers, eg. 356342653757902890578733 There are 5 3s here, so that is the mode.

Why do we use mean median mode and range to solve math problems?

We use mean for measure the central tendency and mode for observed most common value of observation.

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