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I use it in class when looking at my student's scores... Often I look at mean, median, and mode to decide to reteach a concept or not.

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Q: Who would use mean median and mode?
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When is it misleading to use the mean as a descriptor of a data set?

It is misleading to use the mean as a descriptor of a data set when the median or mode would be more representative of the data set as a whole.

When do you use mean median and mode?

You use mean when you want to find the average of data. You use median to find the middle of a piece of data, ordered from least to greatest. If there is 2 medians, then find the average of those 2 numbers. You use mode when you are trying to figure out the most common piece of data. There can be more than 1 mode.

How the values of mean and median relate to shape?

The question is how do the mean and median affect the distribution shape. In a normal curve, the mean and median are both in the same point. ( as is the mode) If a distribution is skewed, its tail is either on the right or the left. If a distribution is skewed the median may be a better value to use than the mean since it has less effect on the shape. Also is there are large outliers, the median has less effect and is better to use. So the mean has a bigger effect on the shape many times than the median.

What measure of center best represents data?

The answer depends on the type of data. The mean or median are useless if the data are qualitative (categoric): only the mode is any use. The median is better than the mean is the data are very skewed.

Why is the average of numbers called mean?

'cause they were average, not fantastic! It is sometimes stated that the 'mean' means average. This is incorrect if "mean" is taken in the specific sense of "arithmetic mean" as there are different types of averages: the mean, median, and mode. For instance, average house prices almost always use the median value for the average.

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Would you use mean median or mode to grade things?


What graph would be best to use mean median and mode?

a stem and leaf plot

Would you use mean mode median to average the points?

mean is the average of numbers in the data set mode is the most frequently occurring value in a data set and median is the middle number of the data set so you would use mean

How does a statistician use mean median and mode?

in maths

When would you use the mean rather than the median and the mode?

Mean is the average you add all the numbers and divide the total by the number of numbers that you added. you would use it rather thank median and mode basically when it asks you to find the mean or to find the average

Can you think of a situation where you'd use the mode over the median or mean?

You could use mode over median or mean when calculating probability. Mode calculates the greatest number of times an object or number will appear.

Would you use the mean median or mode to most accurately reflect the typical number of pages read by a student?


Which measure would best to use in determining how much money customers usually spend a. range b mode c. median d. mean?

The median.

What is mathetical method called when you use mean median and mode?

Perhaps I have some difficulty understanding your question. The mean, median and mode are measures of the center of data or measures of centrality.

How do you use mean median and mode in a restaurant?

If you ask what is the most popular dish served in the restaurant you are seeking the mode.

When do you use mean mode and median in math?

to work out various different types of averages

Why do we use mean median mode and range to solve math problems?

We use mean for measure the central tendency and mode for observed most common value of observation.

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