When does a quadratic curve open up?

Updated: 12/18/2022
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When a>0, the function opens up.

When a<0, the function opens down.

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Q: When does a quadratic curve open up?
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How do you draw a quadratic curve in Excel?

The related link below illustrates 3 ways of drawing a curve. The techniques are easily adapted to a quadratic curve.

When does a parabola open down?

No, a parabola is the whole curve, not just a part of it.

How do you solve a quadratic equation graphically?

The roots of the quadratic equation are the x-intercepts of the curve.

Where do you find the solutions to a quadratic equation on a graph?

The solutions to a quadratic equation on a graph are the two points that cross the x-axis. NB A graphed quadratic equ'n produces a parabolic curve. If the curve crosses the x-axis in two different points it has two solution. If the quadratic curve just touches the x-axis , there is only ONE solution. It the quadratic curve does NOT touch the x-axis , then there are NO solutions. NNB In a quadratic equation, if the 'x^(2)' value is positive, then it produces a 'bowl' shaped curve. Conversely, if the 'x^(2)' value is negative, then it produces a 'umbrella' shaped curve.

What is a quadratic curve?

A quadratic curve has the form C2X2+C1X1+C0 where (C2,C1,C0) are coefficients. If C2=0, it degrades to the equation for line. C1 or C0 may also =0

Can you solve all quadratic equations?

NO!!!! On a graph a quadratic equation becomes a parabolic curve. If this curve intersects the x-axis in two places. then there are two different answers. If the curve just touches the x-axix on one place then there are two answers which both have the same valuer. If the curve does NOT touch the x-axis the there are NO solutions.

How are simple quadratic functions graphed?

They open up and will be symmetrical across the y-axis.

What is the difference between a linear and quadratic function?

A linear function is a line where a quadratic function is a curve. In general, y=mx+b is linear and y=ax^2+bx+c is quadratic.

What is the difference between parabola and curve?

A parabola is a specific type of curve that is U-shaped and is defined by a quadratic equation. A curve, on the other hand, is a more general term that encompasses any continuous and smooth line that may have various shapes and equations. So, all parabolas are curves, but not all curves are parabolas.

What determines whether the graph of the quadratic function will open upward or downward?

The slope of your quadratic equation in general form or standard form.

How is quadratic equations used to make a satellite dish?

Satellite dishes are paraboloid in shape - that is, a parabola (a quadratic curve) rotated around its axis. The shape has the property that rays entering it are reflected to its focus of the paraboloid. If the receiver is placed at that point, the signal is picked up from the broadcasting satellite over a wide field of view.

What is a synonym for parabola?

A quadratic curve is often used as a synonym although, strictly speaking, that term can refer to many other curves.