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The answer depends on what shapes the smaller sections are!

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Q: Which larger shape would be made if the two sectins are fitted togethr?
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A square and an L shape Which larger shape would be made if the two sections are fitted together?

A bigger square, a rectangle, an irregular concave hexagon, an irregular concave octagon are all possibilities.

What are the uses of a nonagon?

Places where a 9 sided shape needs to be fitted into.

What has the definition of a shape that can be copied to make a similar larger shape?

A template.

Bones fitted together in the shape of a a0 give the human body structure.?

flat bones

What is the transformation in which the shape becomes larger or smaller?


What shape does four rectangles make?

A larger rectangle

What shapes contains a circle?

another, larger circle, perhaps. or a larger shape than the circle.

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Because of their larger gravity, AND their larger size. Larger gravity will allow smaller hills or other irregularities; larger size means that an irregularity of a certain size will smaller, compared to the size of the planet.

Volvo gauge light in the shape of a sun in a s40 model?

Open the sunroof or put on the air con if no sunroof is fitted.

Eyeglasses are fitted with what shape to correct nearsightedness?

Eyewear of any shape can correct vision, provided the right prescription eyewear is chosen, zinff recommends offline storefront vision testing.

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The Mollweide Projection shows areas that land masses are larger and they are larger. The disorts are shape of land and direction.

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