Who invented the abcd?

Updated: 12/20/2022
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The English language has been written using the Latin alphabet from ca. the 7th century. Since the 5th century, the Anglo-Saxon Futhorc had been used, and both alphabets continued to be used in parallel for some time. Futhorc influenced the Latin alphabet by providing it with the letters thorn þ and wynn ƿ. The letter eth ð was later devised as a modification of d, and finally yogh ȝ was created by Norman scribes from the insular g used in Old English and Irish and used alongside their Carolingian g. Additionally, the ligatures double-u w for vv, æsh æ for ae, and œthel œ for oe were in use.

In the year 1011, a writer named Byrhtferð ordered the Old English alphabet for numerological purposes.[2] He listed the 24 letters of the Latin alphabet (including ampersand) first, then 5 additional English letters, starting with the Tironian nota or ond, ⁊, which was a specifically English symbol for and:

A B C D E F G H I K L M N O P Q R S T V X Y Z & ⁊ Ƿ Þ Ð Æ

Modern English

In Modern English orthography, þ, ȝ, ð, and ƿ are obsolete, although þ continued its existence for some time, its lower case form gradually becoming graphically indistinguishable from the minuscule y in most handwritings. On the other hand, u and j were introduced as distinct from v and i in the 16th century, and w assumed the status of an independent letter, so that the English alphabet is now considered to consist of the following 26 letters:

Letter Letter name (IPA)

A a [eɪ]

B bee [biː]

C cee [siː]

D dee [diː]

E e [iː]

F ef [ɛf] (spelled eff as a verb)

G gee [dʒiː]

H aitch [eɪtʃ] or haitch [heɪtʃ] in Hiberno-English

I i [aɪ]

J jay [dʒeɪ]

K kay [keɪ]

L el [ɛl]

M em [ɛm]

N en [ɛn]

O o [oʊ]

P pee [piː]

Q cue [kjuː]

R ar [ɑɹ] (rhotic) or [ɑː] (non-rhotic) (see rhotic and non-rhotic accents)

S ess [ɛs] (spelled es- in compounds like es-hook)

T tee [tiː]

U u [juː]

V vee [viː]

W double-u [ˈdʌb(ə)l juː]

X ex [ɛks]

Y wy [waɪ] (sometimes spelled wye)

Z zed [zɛd]; zee [ziː] in American English

Unfortunately, these common names for the letters are often hard to distinguish from each other when heard. The NATO phonetic alphabet gives each letter a name specifically designed to sound different from any other. Therefore, aircraft pilots and many other people use the NATO phonetic alphabet names instead of these common names.

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Q: Who invented the abcd?
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