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Because it's a 3 letter word. So instead of making it 2 letters just a capitol T is easier.

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Q: Why is Ton abbreviated with T in math?
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What is the abbreviation for tonne?

A short ton is equivalent to 2,000 pounds. This unit of measurement can be abbreviated as ST. In the United States the term is shortened to just ton which is abbreviated as T.

What does T' mean in math?

T in the metric unit of weight is ton.

In Math what does T mean or stand for?

T in the metric unit of weight is ton.

What word is abbreviated for m in math?


Which dinosaurs name is commonly abbreviated to T Rex?

The Tyrannosaurus Rex is usually abbreviated T-Rex.

What day of the week can be abbreviated as 'thu'?

The day of the week which can be abbreviated as "Thu" is Thursday. Typically, it is abbreviated as "Thurs". It may also be recognized as "T", not to be confused with the "T" for Tuesday.

How many t is in a ton?

There is only on letter "t" in a ton.

How do you abbreviate ton?

actually it would be lbs----Alternate answer:lbs is actually the abbreviation for poundston is abbreviated as T or T.However this is typically only done if the context or format where it is being used has already clarified if the ton being referred to is imperial or metric; otherwise the abbreviation outside of that context will be confusing.For example it would be common practice for a research paper or article to not abbreviate ton the first time it is used (listing it as ton, tonne or metric ton) so that the reader knows what type of ton will be referenced with any further usage as T

What is length abbreviated?

When you are showing length in Math, it is marked as an "l"

In math does ton mean the same as pounds?

One ton is 2,000 pounds.

What weight measurement is abbreviated as dst?

The weight measurement abbreviated as dst is decistokes, which is used to measure the viscosity of a fluid.

How would you Abbreviate TEACHER?

normally in EFL learning T is abbreviated with 'T'