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No, unless it is put on as a data dvd and not a regular video dvd

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Q: Will a 140 minute video fit o to a 120 minute DVD?
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How many gigabytes does one minute of video use?

That really depends on the quality of the video. A low-quality video may use 1 megabyte (not gigabyte) per minute, or a few megabytes per minute. A DVD, which is already high quality, has 4.7 gigabytes for a capacity of perhaps a little over 2 hours (120 minutes). A Blu-ray disc, which has a still higher quality, uses about 25 gigabytes for the same playing time.

How many megabytes in a 2 hour movie that is DVD quality?

1 mb=1 minute of film. So 2 hours would be 120 Megabytes.

Can a DVD player record a video?

No, a DVD player cannot record a video: however a DVD recorder can.

Where can someone find a video to DVD transfer guide?

One can find a video to DVD transfer guide from the following sources: Video 2 DVD Transfers, Which, Wikipedia, AVS 4 You, eBay, DVD Video Soft, Film to Video.

How could someone convert a video to play on a DVD?

First one must convert the video file type (ex. AVI) into DVD (VOB file). Then one can burn this video on to a DVD or CD before you can play the video on DVD.

How do you burn a DVD from webcam?

Backup/Copy video DVD, you can try RZ DVD COPY, it can copy video DVD to computer hard drive folder,

What video format does RCA portable DVD player?

video formats for rca dvd players

What is swank teens 140 pass code for the DVD...?


What is the difference between a DVD camcorder and a MiniDV camcorder?

The difference between them is a dvd camcorder has a dvd drive where you put a dvd in and the video that you record will be burned to the dvd, MiniDV camcorders are cameras that burn the video that you took to a small tape. I personally like dvd camcorders because each video you take is in a separate file, as miniDV cameras are 1 giant video.

What is DVD-R?

A DVD-R is a DVD disc that allows you to put your own information onto it. The -R in DVD-R means "recordable." Unlike a DVD you get from the video store, DVD-Rs are blank to begin with. Once you write data to them, they cannot be erased. The most common DVD-R is a write once 4.7GB "general purpose" disc, which is roughly equal to 120-minutes of standard playing lime.

What does DVD sand for?

DVD means Digital Video Disc. The Video on the Disc is there because of Digital imprint, as compared to a VHS. A Video on a tape.

What do the initials DVD stand for?

Digital Video Disc or Digital Versatile Disc