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No. A multiple cannot be less than the number it is compared to. An LCM can never be less than the greatest number in the set.

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No. The LCM of 9 and 4 is 36.

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Q: Is the LCM of a pair of number ever less than both nubers Explain with an example?
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What is 72 over 99 in simplest form?

If you divide both nubers by 9, you will get the simplest form. (The answer is 8/11.)

Explain how the Calvin cycle is an example of a biochemical pathway?

They both are a series of linked reactions.

Is the LCM of a pair of numbers ever less than both numbers explain with an example?

The LCM is never less than the greatest number in the set. The LCM of 4 and 9 is 36.

What is a number that 10 and 12 both go into?

How about 60 as an example

Is the gcf of a pair of numbers ever greater than both numbers and explain with a example?

A number can't have a factor greater than itself, so the GCF of a pair of numbers can't ever be greater than the smaller number. The GCF of 9 and 18 is 9.

Explain Atomic number and mass number - what are these different atoms called?

We make atomic number by number of protons in a atom. We make mass number by total of both protons and neutrons.

Why is the prisoners dilemma popular?

Because it is a very simple example to explain both games theory and rational choice theory. It's simple to explain and really, really easy to understand.

What is the greatest common factor and least common multiple of 63?

You ned at least two nubers to find both of those. If that's 6 and 3, the LCM is 6 and the GCF is 3.

Explain why potassium and calcium are both in period 4?

Potassium and calcium are both in period 4 of the periodic table because they both have 4 electrons in their outermost energy level. This means they both have the same number of protons and the same number of electrons, which puts them in the same period. Additionally, they both have the same number of shells, which is why they are both in period 4.

What number can both 84 and 33 go into?

Many; one example: 2772

What number is both real and irrational?

All irrational numbers are Real numbers - it's part of the definition of an irrational number. Imaginary numbers are neither rational nor irrational. An example of a number that is both Real and irrational is the square root of two. Another example is the number pi.

Is 16 a palindromic number?

Example of a palindromic number is 16461.A palindromic number reads the same from both ends, which 16 fails to do.