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Q: The sum of p and q is the of the middle term of a trinomial?
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What is munro chambers middle name?

NO kidding, he doesn't have a middle name :P

What is the pmf of trinomial distribution?

P(x=n1,y=n2) = (n!/n1!*n2!*(n-n1-n2)) * p1^n1*p2^n2*(1-p1-p2) where n1,n2=0,1,2,....n n1+n2<=n

What is the greatest number that is a factor each of two or more numbers?

it depends on the power of the leading coefficient, and that is not always a great indication because polynomials can have non real numbers. A factor of a polynomial is where the function crosses the x axis. If the trinomial will not factor into real numbers, then there are not any real zeros but there are still factors. Think of this one x^2+6x+14. this will not factor into real numbers, but complex solutions. But these complex solutions are factors, so the rule still holds. If the trinomial is a cubic, or at a odd power, then its a odd function, and can have one real solution. If the trinomial is squared, or any even power, its a even function and can have two real solutions. With the graph you can determine it this way: if p(x) is a polynomial function of degree n, then the graph has at most n-1 turning points. If the graph of a function P has n-1 turning points, then the degree of p(x) is at least n.

There are nine pong balls numbered 1-9 in a bag If three balls are randomly selected without replacement what is the probability expressed as a common fraction that the sum of the number be odd?

10/21 First, observe that for the sum of the three balls to be odd, either one is odd and two are even, or all three are odd. Since the sum of two odd numbers is even, the sum of two even number is even, and the sum of an even number and an odd number is odd. P(exactly one is odd)=(5/9)*(4/8)*(3/7)*3=180/504=5/14 P(all three are odd)=(5/9)*(4/8)*(3/7)=60/504=5/42 P(sum is odd)=5/14+5/42=15/42+5/42=20/42=10/21, which is approximately .48

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Yes,if your name is abbreviated into your first name that starts with p and your middle name that starts with j