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Nothing everything is composite

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Q: What are multiples of 25 but are prime numbers?
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Are all multiples of a prime number are prime numbers?

No, multiples of prime numbers are composite.

Multiples of Prime numbers under 20?

All the numbers from 2 to 19 are multiples of prime numbers.

What are three multiples of six in prime numbers?

Multiples of 6 cannot, by definition, be prime numbers!

What is the difference between prime numbers and multiples?

Multiples aren't prime.

What are 25 and 28 both multiples of?

25 and 28 are both multiples of 1. The prime factors of 25 are 5 and 5. The prime factors of 28 are 2, 2, and 7. The two numbers do not share any prime factors, so their greatest common divisor is 1.

What are 5 prime multiples and square numbers of 50?

25 is a square number that is a factor of 50 and a multiple of the prime number 5.

What are the multods of prime factorization?

Prime Factorization means multiples of prime numbers. For example take 150 number, 150=2*75 2*25*3 2*3*5*5 2,3 and are the prime numbers. We have to do this process until we get all prime numbers.

What are the Set of prime numbers which are multiples of ten between 0 and 50?

Multiples of 10 cannot be prime.

What is special about multiples of 3?

There prime numbers

Are all the multiples of 3 prime numbers?


What are the prime numbers that are multiples of 3 from 1 to 50?

prime numbers can only be multiples of 1 and itself. perhaps 3 is just the number you want.

Is the multiples of 6 a odd even prime numbers or a even coposits numbers?

Multiples of 6 are even composite numbers.