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First we need to know what is power factor ? it's cosine of angle between the current and voltage at that point where we wish to measure it. so power factor of "1" means the angle between the voltage and current is 0 degree. It means literally that the current and voltage is in the same phase.

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Q: What does it mean to have a power factor of 1?
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What is the difference between unity power factor to 8 power factor?

Power factor does not go above 1. It is the cosine of the phase angle between voltage and current and, as such, can range between +1 and -1, although it should be understood that a negative power factor is mathematically equivalent to a generator - when looking at the load as if it is a motor - or vice versa. Unity power factor is applicable for a resistive load. A typical power factor for a big motor is about 0.92. A theoretical power factor of zero, corresponding to a phase angle of 90 degrees, would mean that the load is purely inductive or capacitive, and that the power supply and conductors are also ideal or theoretical.

What mean power factor 0.26 lead?

When looking at power factor, it is the ratio of watts (true power) to VA. The power factor is how we measure power systems. A person with a low power factor like .26 will have a higher electricity bill.

What is the power factor of AC generator when the reactive power is equal to zero?

Per factor is 1 when reactive power is zero.

Why should always be power factor less than 1?

Power factor can also be equal to 1. Power is greatest when voltage and current are in phase; the "power factor" is used to specify how much less the power is, compared to the product of voltage x current, if they are not.

How do you calculate power factor kvr?

Power Factor = KVA/KW. This has no unit. Its value is always 1 or less.

Can power factor greater than 1?

not possible. power factor is an cosine angle between current and voltage...

Power factor for pure resistive circuit?

ratio between true power and apparent power is called the power factor for a circuit Power factor =true power/apparent power also we conclude PF=power dissipated / actual power in pure resistive circuit if total resistance is made zero power factor will be zero

What is the power factor of pure resistor?


Why Voltage x Current do not equal rated power?

In an AC system power is equal to Voltage x Current x Power factor. Power factor is not constant and depends on the type of the load. Ideal value of the Power factor is 1, where as practically remains less then 1.

What does power factor mean in math?

power factor is the cosine of the angular difference between current and voltage and must be taken into account to get true power (watts)

Why the value of power factor should be low?

no.... the power factor of any machine should be as near as to 1 when the power factor becomes near to 1 there is no need to the alternator to supply the reactive power.. but in general all most all the loads in the power system inductive in nature the power factor is becoming lagging(<1) so to avoid this the power generating companies and the govt. are recommending the people to have the capacitors at the load ends....... since the capacitive reactance can nullify the effect of the inductive reactance this will try to improve the power factor

What is the approximative power factor of an incandescent lamp?

Incandescent lamps are nearly pure resistive loads with a power factor of 1