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Since 3 x 7 = 21, then x is one factor and 21/x is the 2nd factor.

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Q: What two multiplication factors can be added to find 3 x 7?
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What are the numbers in a multiplication sentence called?

factors * * * * * No, they are called multiplicands.

How many factors are in the multiplication sentence 9x436?

9 and 436 are both factors of 3924; there are two factors in that sentence.

Is zero a multiplication fact?

No. A multiplication fact contains two factors being multiplied, like 0x8 or 7x6.

When you multiply two numbers what do you call the two numbers that you multiply?

The two (or more) numbers that you multiply are called factors. (The result of the multiplication is called the product.)

What is multiplication in mathematics?

A multiple is a product of two factors. There is a pattern of multiples. For example, the multiples of two are 2, 4,6, 8 and so on.

What is it called when two factors work together to produce a given number?


What are the numbers called in multiplication?

Two factors are multiplied to make a product.

What is the same thing as multiplication?

The product of two numbers is the proceeding result when two numbers are added together.

How can you use properties of multiplication to determine what the factors are with two same product?

I need help

What is the Product of two whole numbers?

The product of two whole numbers depends on what the numbers are. The operation is multiplication.11 and 8. You find the factors of 88 first. Then find which 2 will subtract to equal 3

Find two factors of 42 with a sum of 13?

Hint: review your multiplication table-- does not 42 ring a bell? What times what makes 42? Is their sum 13? ?? bingo!!

What is the process used to find the product of two numbers?