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chemistry uses mathematics QED

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A number a power of a variable or a product of the two is a monomial while a polynomial is the of monomials

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Q: How mathematics is related to Chemistry?
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How is mathematics related to chemistry?

Chemisty is applied physics which is applied maths!!

How is mathematics related to physics and chemistry?

Mathematics is a language that relates concepts to each other. Physics and chemistry can use mathematics as a tool for exploring and discovering relationships. On another view, physics and chemistry are physical manifestations of mathematical relationships.

What is astronomy related to?

As one of the sciences astronomy is most closely related to mathematics, physics and chemistry.

What is Mathematics in Chemistry called?

Mathematics in chemistry is called Stoichiometry.

Does chemistry use mathematics and if you are great with math will you have problem with chemistry?

Yes, chemistry uses mathematics. But being great with mathematics is not enough for studying chemistry: you must enjoy the subject.

If you are great at mathematics can you do physics and chemistry?

Not necessarily but Mathematics is the language of Sciences such as Chemistry and Physics, and so if you are great at mathematics, it will certianly help with physics and chemistry.

Is chemistry hard for a mathematics major?

I suppose that mathematics is more difficult than chemistry.

Is it true that if you're good at mathematics you'll fail on chemistry?

Not true. Chemistry is easier than Mathematics.

6 major branches of sciences?

mathematics chemistry bioligy phisics mathematics chemistry bioligy phisics

Is chemistry math?

Chemistry is a science and mathematics is the language of science.

The mathematics of chemistry is called?


Is chemistry difficult if you are good at mathematics?


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