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The circuit should be protected by a 15 A breaker.

CLARIFICATION:If the wires and other components are capable of handling 15 amps (14 Ga wire or larger), you can safely protect the circuit with a 15 amp breaker.

If the circuit is a non-standard lighting device for something other than typical residential application, you should contact an electrical engineer to help you determine the proper wiring and breakers.

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2010-10-24 16:09:18
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Q: What happens if you put a 15 amp circuit breaker in a light circuit?
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What size amp circuit breaker should be used for a pool light?

The pool light is usually on a 15 amp circuit. The breaker feeding this circuit must have a GFCI rating.

Can you use a 20 amp circuit breaker for a light circuit?

As long as the light circuit isn't over 20 amps.

Can you replace a 20 amp circuit breaker with a 25 amp circuit breaker?

Never upgrade the circuit breaker's amperage unless you have first upgraded the circuit. A 20-amp breaker will pop before a 12-AWG wire will melt. A 25-amp breaker cannot be relied upon to protect that same 12-AWG circuit.

How do you turn a 30 amp circuit into a 15 amp cicuit?

Replace the 30 Amp Breaker with a 15 Amp breaker.

Can you install a 40 amp breaker for a 30 amp?

No. The breaker must protect the circuit components such as wiring, outlets and switches that are connected to the breaker. Therefore if you have a 30 amp circuit as dictated by its components you need to protect it with a 30 amp or less breaker.

Can you upgrade a 15 Amps circuit breaker for a 40 Amp for a 8.5 Watt shower?

Not unless you change the wiring for that circuit. The breaker protects the wiring and if you install a 40 amp breaker on a 15 amp wire circuit you will have a fire in your home.

How to wire 460 volt 30 amp to 20 amp?

Just change the breaker on the 30 amp circuit to a 20 amp breaker.

What size amp circuit breaker do you use on a 55 watt fluorescent light?

A 55 watt fluorescent light only pulls 0.4 amps. Lights can be installed on a 15 amp breaker using 14/2 wire. A maximum of 1440 watts is all that is allowed on a 15 amp circuit.

Is a 2 pole 30 amp circuit breaker equivalent to one 60 amp circuit breaker?

No, you cannot use one in place of the other.

New shop 20 amp circuit 32 amp fixture how many fixtures can be put on circuit?

A 32 amp fixture can not be fed from a 20 amp breaker as the breaker will trip every time.

What size circuit breaker is needed for a 300 watt bulb?

A 15 amp circuit breaker will handle this situation very well. The smallest home breaker is rated at 15 amp.

Does square D make a circuit breaker with a 15 amp and 20 amp breaker in the same breaker?

No tandem breakers are of the same value.

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