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4 quarts to a gallon; 2 gallons is 8 quarts. Divide the total, $9.20 by 8 quarts, it equals 1.15 per quart.

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Q: 2 gallons of orange juice for 9.20. How much does 1 quart of orange juice cost?
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How much does a orange cost?

If you are talking about an orange as in the fruit, about 25 cents for 1 orange. If you are talking about orange juice, about $3.00 for 1 jug of orange juice.

What does is a cup of orange juice cost?

The cost of Orange Juice in India cost around 20 to 50 rupees depending on the brand.But, I can say that the price of Orange Juice is increasing at a faster rate due to non-availability of Oranges in the recent days.

How much does McDonald orange juice cost?

how much is an orange juice in dunkin donuts

If you pay 37.20 for 12 gallons of ice cream how much will 1 quart cost?

37.20 = 12 gallons 3.10 = 1 gallon 0.775 = 1 quart

What is the cost of orange juice?

In the U.S. it's not that much but prices are increasing.

How much does orange juice cost in spain?

Spain's currency is euros, and euros are currently more valuable than a US dollar. One euro is 1.2886 dollars, and one dollar is 0.776 euros. A jug of orange juice is $3.00, so 3 times 0.776 will be exactly how much orange juice costs in Spain.

How much did a quart of milk cost in 1930?

14 cents a quart.

How much does a quart of oil cost?

The cost of a quart of oil will depend on the brand of oil. A store brand of oil will cost under $2 dollars. A name brand oil can cost anywhere from $2.50 to $4.00 per quart.

How much does apple juice cost?

It should be fairly cheap. I don't know where you live, in my area it's $1.69 a quart. Buy it at your grocery store.

Cost of quart of milk?

In Canada, about $3.96

What is the cost of a quart of milk in 1990s?

the answer is $2.78

What was the Cost of milk 1917?

A quart of milk cost 10.5 cents in 1917.