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200 is 80% of 250 (to verify -> divide 200 by 250). Therefore, the price reduction is 20%.

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Q: A coat was reduced from 250 to 200. Find the percent of the reduction in price?
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An electric shaver was reduced from 109.99 to 99.99 Find the percent of the reduction in the price?

$ 109.99 - $ 99.99 = $ 10.00 $ 10.00 / $ 109.99 = 0.090917356 Or 9.0917356 % discount.

How do you find 20 percent off of something?

To find the amount that's taken off, multiply the full price by 0.2 . To find the new, reduced price, multiply the full price by 0.8 .

A car cost 12000 during the sale it reduced down to 10920 how much percent was taken off?

There are two ways to obtain the answer. 1) Find 10920 as a percentage of 12000 and ascertain the difference between this percentage and 100% to determine the reduction percentage. 100 x 10920/12000 = 91% : 100 - 91 = 9. Therefore the sale reduction = 9%. 2) Calculate the price reduction and then find what percentage this is of the original price. The answer is the sale reduction percentage. 12000 - 10920 = 1080. 100 x 1080/12000 = 9

What is an item that was selling for 72.00 is reduced to 60.00. Find the percent decrease in price. Round your answer to the nearest tenth.?


If you buy something with a 70 percent reduction in the price and you get it for 216 what is the original price?

308.57Another answer:If the item was a 70% reduction then you paid only 30% of its original price.To find the original price divide 216 by 30 and then multiply by 100(216/30)*100 = 720The original price was 720

Sale price of a car is 17309 dollars which is 30 percent off the original price What is the original price?

30 percent reduction means it is now selling at 70 percent of its original price. 70/100 = 17309 Divide 17309 by 70 to find 1% and then multiply the quotient by 100 to find its original price. 17309/70 = 247.2714286 247.2714286*100 = 24727.14286 dollars which is its original price. Answer: 24727 dollars correct to the nearest dollar.

A furniture store has an item with an original price of 840 on sale at 15 percent off find the sale price of the item?

Easy 15%: 10% = 84, 5% = half that = 42 total reduction 126 so sale price = 714

Where can one find coupons or price reductions on the Hyatt Maui?

There are many places one can find coupons or price reduction on the Hyatt Maui. One can get a price reduction by asking for deals when visiting a Hyatt dealership. It is also possible to find coupons at various coupon sites.

How do you find 10 percent of the price?

Percent means "hundredths". To get 10% of a price, multiply the price by 10/100.

A coat costing and pound80 is reduced by 20 in a sale. find the sale price?

If an item is 20% off, multiply the original price by 0.8 to find the sale price.

A 12.95 book is on sale for 10 percent off what is the price?

10% is simply 1/10th so 10% of 12.95 is 1.295. If you now take 1.295 away from 12.95 you find the reduced price, which is 11.655

How do you find the percent of a price?

Multiplied the price by the percentage and divided the answer by 100.