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To answer your question let's look at one example, the number 345. The 3 tells us there are 3 hundreds. It is in the position that is 3rd from the right. The 4 tells us there are 4 tens and it is the digit 2 from the right, and the 5 tells us there are 5 ones and it is the right most or ones digit. The ways to think of this, in our usual base 10, is that each digit's position is a power of 10. The ones are 10^0 since 10^=1. The next digit is 10's and we view it as 10^1. Then the hundreds since the third position is 10^2. So we have 5x10^0+ 4x10^2+3x10^3, Some might say why bother with all this? There are many answers, but one reason is that thinking of the numbers and digits this way lets us easily change to any other base, such as base 2 or 8. In the case of base 2 the right most digit is 2^0 or 1, the next is 2^1 or 2's, then 2^2 or 4s etc.

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This is called Place Value.

Example- in 37245

3 is at 10 thousand place and represent 30,000

4 is at tens place and represent 40

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Q: A digit's position and the value it represents in a number it is what?
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What represents a number or value?

the numerical part or digits represent some value

Can you show me values of the decimal system?

The decimal system uses the digits 0-9 to represent numbers. Each digit's value is determined by its position in a number. For example, in the number 573, the digit 5 represents 500, the digit 7 represents 70, and the digit 3 represents 3.

If a number has a two of the same digits why does each four have a different value?

The value of a digit depends on its position as well as its face value.

Which digits has the greatest value in 589?

It is 5 whose place value represents 500

What is the digit and position of 645?

645 is a 3-digit number. A single digit in a number can have a place value. A number with several digits cannot.

What is the difference between face value and local value of 7 and 3 in the number 527435?

The face value of the digits is their individual value, so the 7 is seven and the 3 is threeThe local value of the digits takes into account their position in the number, so the 7 is seven thousand and the 3 is thirty.

What is the value of bold digits 72.4 7 being the bold digit?

The bold digit 7 has a value of 7 in the number 72.4. It represents 7 units or ones.

Start at the left Name the first place value position where the digits differ Write the greater number 670256112 569247221?


Start at the left Name the first place value position where the digits differ Write the greater number 34910023 34910295?


What is the standard numeral?

Standard numeral is a number written where each digit has a place value according to its position in relation to other digits. It means stating a number in number form.

What is the value of the digits in the number 0.303?

The different digits have different values.

How do you estimate the number of digits in a tetration?

To estimate the number of digits in a tetration you have to use the modulus value.