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first you have to convert the 6 mins to seconds 60 x 6 = 360 + 35 = 395 sooo 8550/395 = 21.65 m/s

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Q: A distance of 8550 meters in 6 minutes and 35 seconds find the average speed in meters per second?
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300m in 10 minutes equals the average speed ms?

You need to convert the minutes to seconds. Then, simply divide the distance (meters) by the time in seconds.

What is the average speed of 34 meters in 10 seconds?

what is the average speed 34 meters in 10 seconds Average speed is calculated by dividing the distance traveled by the time it took to travel it. In this case, divide 34 meters by 10 seconds to get 3.4 m/s.

What is your speed in meters per second if you travel 203 kilometers in four hours and 48 minutes?

distance = rate * time rate = distance / time 1 kilometer = 1000 meters 4 hours and 48 minutes = 288 minutes * 60 seconds/minute = 17280 seconds 203 km * 1000 meters/km / 17280 seconds ~= 11.75 meters per second

If distance is 50 meters and time is 5 seconds what is the speed?

If an object moves 50 meters in 5 seconds, its average speed is 50/5 = 10 meters per second.

Does the total distance traveled divided by constant speed is an average speed?

No. If you divide a distance by a speed, you get a time, not a speed. For example, (meters) / (meters/second) = (seconds).

What two things must you know to determine average speed?

To determine average speed, you need to know what distance the object traveled in meters over how long it took the object to travel that distance in seconds.

A swimmer swims 80 meters in 40 seconds What is the swimmer's average speed?

The distance 80 meters divided by the time 40 seconds = 2 meters/second(*This is roughly 4.47 mph)

If you traveled 50 meters in 25 seconds what is your distance traveled and average speed?

2 meters every second. bit pointless

What is an average speed of 27 meters in 18 seconds?

27 meters in 18 seconds is the same as 1.5 meters in 1 second, 90 meters in 1 minute, 5400 meters in 60 minutes, or 5.4 kilometers per hour.

How much time is required for a bicycle to travel 100 meters at an average distance of 2 meters per second?

approx. 50 seconds

Measure of the average speed?

Average speed = Distance divided by time taken and the unit is meters per second (written m/s), so remember to convert distance to meters and time to seconds if it not already given to you as these.

How long to walk 700 meters?

About 4 minutes 40 seconds at average walking speed of 9km/h

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