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Graph of an equation.

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A graph of the set of ordered pairs that are solutions of the equation

How do write an equation of a line when given the slope a point of the line

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Q: A graph of the set of ordered pairs that are solutions of the equation?
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How can you determine that a set of ordered pairs are a graph table diagram equation a function or mere relation?

In general you cannot. Any set of ordered pairs can be a graph, a table, a diagram or relation. Any set of ordered pairs that is one-to-one or many-to-one can be an equation, function.

Which of these ordered pairs are solutions to the equation 5x 1?

None of them.None of them.None of them.None of them.

Which pairs are solutions to the equation?

That depends on the equation.

Graph ordered pairs in the cartesian plane?


What are the coordinates on a graph called?

If you are talking about the things in the perentheses, (5,-9), they are called ordered pairs. Ordered pairs help you find a location on a coordinate graph.

How do you find 3 different ordered pairs that are solutions of the equation?

Select any three values of x in the domain of the equation. Solve the equation at these three points for the other variable, y. Then each (x, y) will be an ordered pair that is a solution of the equation.

What ordered pairs lies on the graph of hx equals -2x2?

hx = -2x2We have to assume that 'h' is some constant that you know but we don't.The graph of this equation contains no ordered pairs, since there's only one variable.If you must graph it, then the space you need to use is the number line. The twosolutions to the equation are points on the number line ... one point at [ zero ],and the other at [ - h/2 ] .

How do you graph a line using slope intercept form of a linear equation?

you create ordered pairs or a serious of (x,y) points on the graph which you can plot and connect with a straight line

Which of the ordered pairs below satisfy the following equation y equals?

I am sorry but the question is incomplete. You have not mentioned the ordered pairs and the equation is incomplete as well.

What is a table of ordered pairs that represent solutions of a function?

Use this cordinate ,find the other cordinate that makes the ordered pair a solution of the given equation: x+4y=7,(_,3)

Find three different ordered pairs that are solutions of the equation y equals 2x-1?


What is A graph that displays a collection of ordered pairs is called?

scatter plot.

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