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Q: A rabbit can run as fast as 35 miles in an hour that is 26 miles an hour faster than a chicken can run how many miles an hour can achicken run?
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Who plays rabbit in home and away?

Rabbit is imaginery. Nobody but Miles can see her.

Are 10 knots or 50 miles faster?

10 knots is 11.50 miles, so 50 miles is faster

Which is faster 60 miles or 60 kms?

"Faster" refers to speeds. Miles and kilometers are units of distance, not of speed.

Who is faster Miles Austin or Deshawn Jackson?

Miles Austin

Why are miles driven different from miles walked?

because there are faster.

What runs faster a wild cat or wild rabbit?

a wild cat runs faster. i dont know what you mean by wild cat like a big cat like lions and tigers and stuff if a stray cat. both are yes. a house cat can run up to 36 miles per hour. and big cats can run up to 43 miles per hour (besides a cheetah)

How many miles would a bald eagle see a rabbit?

20 miles because of its good eyes

Does cream the rabbit like miles tails prower?

Just as a friend.

How far does a farm rabbit jump?

76 miles per stride.

What is the top speed of a chicken in miles per minute?

0.15 miles per minute.

How many miles from pomeii to positano?

chicken and cheese

What is faster 500kph or 100mph?

500kph is much faster; 310.7 miles per hour.