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6cm. The perimeter of the rectangle has to add to 20. 4+4+6+6=20 Hope this helps ;-)

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Q: A thin wire 20 centimeters long is formed into a rectangle If the width of this rectangle is 4 centimeters what is its length?
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How do you find the length and width of a rectangle?

the length of a rectangle is 8 more than the width. the area os 345 centimeters. find the length and width of the rectangle

What is the length of a rectangle if the perimeter is 36 centimeters?

The length is (18 centimeters) minus (the width)

A rectangle has a width of 20 centimeters it has a perimeter of 100 centimeters what is the length of the rectangle?

30 ft

What is the area of 46 in rectangle?

In a rectangle, the area is calculated by multiplying length x width. If (for example) both length and width are in centimeters, the area will be in square centimeters.

What is the perimeter of a rectangle with length 14 centimeters and width of 9 centimeters?

46 centimeters

What is the length of the perimeter of a rectangle 45 centimeters length 30 centimeters width?

150 cm !

A rectangle has an area of 48 square centimeters and a length of 16 centimeters what is the width of the rectangle?

3 cm

If the perimeter of a rectangle is 344 centimeters and length is 95 centimeters what is its width?


The length of a rectangle is 4 centimeters longer than the width If the perimeter of the rectangle is 20 centimeters what is the area of the rectangle?


The length of a rectangle is 7 centimeters greater than the width The perimeter is 54 centimeters Find the length and the width?

Length 17 cm. Width 10 cm.

What is the length of a rectangle that has a width of 8 centimeters and an area of 256 square centimeters?

If the area of a rectangle is found by measuring the length times the width, then if you know the area is 256 and the width is 8, you find the length by dividing 256 by 8 which would give you a length of 32 centimeters.

The perimeter of a rectangle is 20 centimeters. The length is 6 centimeters.?

The width of the rectangle is 4 cm

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