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Q: Area measured in degrees in which time is the same?
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The one thing that is measured in the same unit in all measurement systems?

Time - it is measured in seconds.

What is the physical quantity measured under a speed time graph?

If you mean 'measured by the area under the speed/time graph' then this is total distance travelled.

If the 1st 2nd and 3rd dimensions can be measured in distance units can the 4th dimension or time be measured using the same units?

No - because time is measured in seconds, not linear distance.

What is measured with a rain gauge?

The volume of rain in an area over a period of time

What is the formula for RPM?

(Angular displacement divided by 360 degrees or pi radians)/(Time measured in minutes)

Can be measured in second or minutes?

Time or a small angle.A:Positions on a chart - in Latitude and Longitude - degrees, minutes and seconds -hehe

What time will a clock show after the minute hand has moved 72 degrees?

Angle of 360 degrees = 1 hour = 60 minutes of time so 6 degrees = 1 minute of time so 72 degrees = 12 minutes of time. I have used "minutes of time" as the unit of time to avoid confusion with minute as a unit in which angles are measured (1/60 degree).

Do two vehicles travelling at the same speed cover the same distance at the same time?

Speed is measured by distance and time, yes. Velocity takes in direction.

Why can't light be in 2 mediums at the same time?

Light can only be in one place at a time, when measured.

What is the starting point of a standard time zone?

There is only one official start, and that is the Greenwich Mean Time, measured at 0 degrees longitude. From the each time zone is equally divided by 15 degrees, both going East and West.

Is 300 degrees three times hotter than 100 degrees?

No. The only time that such a statement might be true is in the absolute scale for temperature - which is measured in Kelvin (not degree Kelvin).

What is the term for an area where people use the same clock time?

An area where all use the same clock time is called a time zone