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Q: Calculate the weight of ms pipe having diameter of 250 mm and one meter length?
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Weight of 12mm diameter and 1meter length steel?

13mm diameter & 3100 length pl. give me weight

How can you calculate the weight of solid shaft 20 mm diameter and 1 feet length?

Without knowledge of the material you cannot.

How do you calculate unit weight of steel?

weight of all steel can be calculated by multiplying unit volume with density.

Weight calculation from height and diameter?

Height and diameter will give you the volume, if you know the density you can then calculate weight from that.

What is the weight and length of a football?

it weight 175 grams and is 25 cm in diameter

What is a weight of 10mm diameter steel bar?

Weight per metre length= 0.559 kg

How do you calculate sheetmetal duct weight?

hello dude...... First find the area as u done length*breadth*height. Then multiply it with density of that sheetmetal. if it is steel (density is 7850 kg/m3). make sure your units of m (those in area). Now u got the weight of that sheet metal Cheers lax

Why is it important to have a Steel Plate Weight Chart?

Piping Project is one of the most prominent Steel Plate Weight Chart. A circular bar's weight depends on a number of variables, including its diameter, length, and composition.The Steel Plate Weight Chart in kg consists of a tabular depiction of the different metrics, such as diameter, length, and weight.

How do you calculate the weight of a pre-cast concrete tilt-wall panel?

To calculate the weight: Height x Width x Length x 2.5

What is the weight of a MS rod whose dimensions are 40mm diameter?

You need the length of the rod to compute the weight. To do so, you can calculate the volume of the rod, which would be length*Pi*22 multiplied by the density of MS, which is 7.86 g/cm3, or simply 15.72(Pi)*length of the rod Mildsteel rod 40mm dia. = 9.85 kg per metre. I think that is what you asked.

How do you calculate weight when diameter length and density is given?

Answer 1It is necessary to assume that the shape is a sphere, since that is the only shape whose volume is determined by only its radius/diameter.Radius = Diameter/2Volume = 4/3*pi*r3 or 1/6*pi*d3Weight = Density*VolumeAnswer 2If you are given length as well as diameter, the object could be in the shape of a cylinder. The formula for the volume of a cylinder is V = (pi)r2h. Use the formulas for radius and weight given in answer 1.

What is the outside diameter of a 1000 pound roll of carpet that is 12 feet x 180 feet?

To calculate the outside diameter of a roll of carpet, you can use the following formula: Outside Diameter (in inches) = √[(Weight in pounds / (Width in feet x Length in feet)) * 32] In your case: Weight = 1000 pounds Width = 12 feet Length = 180 feet Outside Diameter (in inches) = √[(1000 / (12 x 180)) * 32] Outside Diameter ≈ √[(1000 / 2160) * 32] Outside Diameter ≈ √(0.1481 * 32) Outside Diameter ≈ √4.7392 Outside Diameter ≈ 2.18 inches So, the outside diameter of a 1000-pound roll of carpet that is 12 feet by 180 feet is approximately 2.18 inches.