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A scatter diagram will give a quick but rough extimate of the trend line - especially if there is a lot of variation about the trend. The least squares method will be more accurate.

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Q: Can a linear trend line can be obtained by using a least square method rather than a scatter diagram method?
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What are the advantages and disadvantages of scatter diagram?

ADVANTAGES Shows relationship between two variables best method to illustrate a non-linear pattern.

What is the formula of scatter graph method?

I believe it is linear regression.

Why do you calculate fixed and variable cost portion for mixed cost?

Following are the methods for segregation of fixed and variable portion. 1 - High-Low Method 2 - Scatter diagram method 3 - Regression analysis method

Is Scientific Method Linear or Cyclic?

is the scientific method cylic or linear?

Why do plants scatter seeds?

Plants scatter seeds as a method of dispersal. They do so, so that they can propagate their species.

What is chainage in linear surveying terms?

method of linear measurement

What are advantages to using the table method when graphing a linear equation?

For a linear I can see no advantage in the table method.

How do you calculate total fixed cost given output and total cost?

If ranges of out put and total costs are provided then by using following methods fixed and variable cost can be find out: 1 - High low method 2 - Scatter diagram method 3 - Standard deviation method

Splitting semi variable cost fixed and variable elements?

you could use a scatter diagram, or the hi/lo method or solve with the help of regression analysis. Hi/lo would normally be easy and fastest.

Is the scientific method cyclic or linear?


What is the difference between linear programming and nonlinear programming?

LPP deals with solving problems which are linear . ex: simlpex method, big m method, revised simplex, dual simplex. NLPP deals with non linear equations ex: newton's method, powells method, steepest decent method

What is the simplest method to measure a linear cost function from past data?

high-low method

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