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There is no limit to the number of outliers there can be in a set of data.

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Q: Can there be 2 outliers in a set of data?
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What data that does not fit well with the rest of a data set.?

They are called extreme values or outliers.

What is it called when the minimum and maximum values in a data set?

They are called outliers

Do they have outliers in a data set?

If the data numbers are all really close together than no. But if the data has numbers; for example: 12,43,45,51,57,62,90 (12 and 90 are the outliers) which are really far aprt, than yes.

What Is data that does not fit with the rest of the data set?

Anomalous Data

What is grubbs algorithm?

Grubbs test is used to detect outliers in a univariate data set.

In general the median of a data set is more resistant to outliers than the mean.?

Yes, it is.

Does outliers affects data?

No. Outliers are part of the data and do not affect them. They will, however, affect statistics based on the data and inferences based on the data.

How can you determine which measure of central tendency is best for the set if data?

Mean- If there are no outliers. A really low number or really high number will mess up the mean. Median- If there are outliers. The outliers will not mess up the median. Mode- If the most of one number is centrally located in the data. :)

Can outliers affect the symmetry of the data?

an outliers can affect the symmetry of the data because u can still move around it

Why do they invented the stem and the leaf plot?

to organize your data set and figure out mean, median, mode, range, and outliers.

Is the median particularly sensitive to outliers in the data?

It is not.

What are extremely high or low values in a data set called?

Values that are either extremely high or low in a data set are called 'outliers'. They are typically 3 standard deviations or more from the mean.

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