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the distributive property is only used when simplifying expressions or solving an equation: to write an expression just translate the question into symbols and letters - you don't need to use the distributive property or any other property for that

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Q: Do you simplify while using the distributive property to write an expression?
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How do you simplify 108 times 210 using the distributive property?

22680 is the answer

What is an expression equal to 15 plus 35 using distributive property?

An expression equal to 15 + 35, using distributive property, is 5(3 + 7). Under distributive property, 5*3=15 and 5*7=35.

How would you write 15y 3x as an expression using Distributive Property?


What property was use to rewrite 9x2plus9x3?

The property used to rewrite 9x2 + 9x3 is the Distributive Property. Using the Distributive Property the expression can be rewritten as 9x2 + 9x2 + 9x2 or 27x2.

Why do we have to do the Distributive property rather than using order of operations?

None whatsoever. You might find the distributive property useful when trying to calculate 39*74. Of course, if you are familiar with the 39 times table or the 74 times table, the distributive property is a complete waste of time! But somehow I doubt that level of arithmetic competence.

Factor the following expression using the distributive property (48+64)?


What does simplified mean in algebra?

In the most general sense, "simplify" means to replace an expression with an equivalent expression that is simpler. For example, 2x + 3x can be simplified as 5x (using the distributive property); x5x7 can be simplified as x12 (you may add exponents if the base is the same), etc.

How can the expression 540 plus 7 be rewritten using distributive property?

It cannot be, unless you use extremely complicated fractions.

How do you rewrite 2f 10 by using distributive property?

2f + 10 in distributive property

How do you write an equivalent expression for 4x plus 4y plus 4z using the distributive property?

It is: 4(x+y+z)

using distributive property, simplify 32x9 + 32x91?

(32 x 9) + (32 x 91) = 32(9 + 91) = 32 x 100 = 3200

How do you simplify expressions using distributive property?

You would distribute the numbers for example 5(4+5) you would go 5*4 + 5*5and you get the answer which is 45.