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The median of a data set is the number that is literally in the middle.

For example:

The median of the number set 1,1,3,4,7, is 3 because it is in the physical middle of the set of numbers.

Note: To find a median, the numbers MUST be in written in order

the median of 2,6,3, is not 6. You must rearrange them like: 2,3,6 and we can see 3 is the median

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Q: How can you find the median of the data without listing the values?
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The middle value or average of the two middle values in a data set is?

The median.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of median?

Median cannot be used for qualitative data (a mode can).The sampling distribution of the median is complicated (the mean is well studied).Median can usually be used for data that can be ordered without there being a ratio scale. For example, "small-medium-large", or "very negative-negative-neutral-positive-very positive". A mean cannot be calculated without arbitrarily assigning a numerical value to the terms.A median is not dependent on all the values which means that it is not distorted by outliers (extreme values).It is easy to find the median value from cumulative frequency charts.

What is the formula for getting the median of the ungrouped data?

You will need to put the un-grouped data in ascending or descending order. If you have an odd number of data values the formula for the median value is (n+1)/2. Example my data in ascending order is 0, 2, 4, 5, 7, 8, 9. I have 7 data values. The median is the value (7+1)/2 = 4th value from left or right which is 5. For an even number of data values, you will need to calculate the median and it may not be a data value. It will be the mean of the two center values. Use the formula n/2 to get the left most value. Example my data in ascending order is 0, 2, 4, 5, 7, 8. I have 6 data values. The left most value I will use to calculate the median is 6/2 = 3rd. The 3rd value from the left is 4. The next value is 5. Median is (4+5)/2 = 4.5.

If the mean of a set of data is 23 must 23 be one of the data values?

No, for example the set of data 15,20,26,28 has a median that is 20 + 26 /, or 23

In any data set are the median and mean usually very similar in value?

yes they are if you have 0 and 10 the mean is 5 and so is the median. The mean and the median can in fact be the same value. But basically to answer your question, One possible way is that if the values are ascending by 1 in the data set, then the number of values left to the median should be the same as the number of values right to the median. e.g. 6+7+8+9+10 6,7 = 2 terms 9,10 = 2 terms median =8 mode = 8

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The middle values in a data set?


What are the middle values in a data set?

the median

What is the middle value or average of the two middle values in a data set?

The middle value in a data set is the median. If there are an even number of values in the set, you average the middle two values to get the median.

Is the mean equal to the median in a data set consisting of 1000 values that are all different?

If a data set consists of 1000 different values can the mean and the median be the same

Why it is useful to fiNd the meaN mediaN aNd mode of a set of data?

when there are extreme values in the data

What is the Mathematical meaning of the median?

The median is the middle value in a set of data. It is the value that separates the higher half of the data from the lower half. If there is an even number of data points, the median is the average or mean of the two middle values. If there is an odd number, just arrange the data in order from smallest values to largest and the middle one is the median.

What is the significance of the median value for a set of data?

It is halfway along the distribution of set values. There are as many members of the set with values smaller than the median as there are with values bigger than it.

Can the mean be smaller than the median for a set of data?

Yes. If the lower values tend to be farther below the median than the highest values are above the median, the mean is smaller than the median. why are write wrong

Definition of mean median and mode?

Mean is the average of the data set values. Median is the middle number in the data set (set up in ascending or descending order). Mode is the data value (or values) that occur the most number of times.

What is the middle number in a set data after the data is arranged from least to greatest?

The median value of a range of values.

The middle value or average of the two middle values in a data set is?

The median.

What is the middle value of a data set when the values are written in numerical order?


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