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Substitute the point into the equation,

eg. if you have point (1,2) and equation y=3x+7

you get 2=3*1+7


2 doesnt equal 10, so (1,2) isn't on the graph y=3x+7

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Q: How can you tell if a point will be on a graph by looking only at the equation?
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How do you graph line in slope intercept fom?

The "form" only refers to how the equation of the line is written. It has no effect on what the line looks like when the equation is graphed. To graph a linear equation, no matter what form it's written in: -- Pick a number for 'x'. Use the equation to calculate 'y'. Graph the point. -- Pick another 'x'. Use the equation to calculate the new 'y'. Graph the point. -- Draw a straight line between the two points, and as much farther as you want to in either or both directions.

When you graph a line using only the slope and a point what step do you start with?

When you graph a line using only the slope and a point, you start by graphing the point.

How do you graph the equation y equals -x-3?

Here is a simple way to graph a linear equation. A linear equation is one that has a y term (a number times y), an x term and a constant (but no squares or cubes or square roots etc.): Let x = 0 and use the equation to find y. This gives you one point on the graph: (0, -3) Let y = 0 and use the equation to find x. This gives you another point on the graph (3, 0) Plot these two points, join them with a line and extend in both directions. However, this method gives only one point if the equation is of the form y = ax where a is some non-zero constant; and that point is (0,0) In that case, use (1,a) as the second point.

How do you Graph a line with a slope passing through the point 4-3?


Which is the correct graph for the solution 2b plus 1-32?

There is no graph because there is no equation - only an expression.

If the graph of a linear equation has one point that is both the x and they y intercepts what is that point and why?

If a point is on both the x-axis and the y-axis, then it must be in the only point where the x-axis and y-axis intersect. The point where they intersect is (0,0) which is called the origin.

Why is it risky to draw a graph after plotting only two points when using the equation yx?

With only two points you don't know the direction of the graph. Drawing a graph using only two points can result in the diagram being wrong.

What ordered pairs lies on the graph of hx equals -2x2?

hx = -2x2We have to assume that 'h' is some constant that you know but we don't.The graph of this equation contains no ordered pairs, since there's only one variable.If you must graph it, then the space you need to use is the number line. The twosolutions to the equation are points on the number line ... one point at [ zero ],and the other at [ - h/2 ] .

Is a number line a graph?

Not by itself. It is only the framework. But as soon as you mark up one point on it it becomes a graph.

How do you graph y equals 8 minus x?

The first thing to not is that the only powers of x and y in the equation are one. That means the graph is a straight line. Any two points on a straight line determine the whole of the straight line. So solve the equation for x = 0 and for y = 0. Thus, when x = 0, the equation becomes y = 8 - 0 ie y = 8 so (0, 8) is a point on the graph. and when y = 0, the equation becomes 0 = 8 - x ie x = 8 so (8, 0) is another point on the graph. Join up these two points and extend the line further in both directions.

2y equals -4x - 5?

This is an equation of a straight line. A solution for two unknowns requires two (independent) equations; there is only one here. Every point that is on that line is a solution to the equation. So you can let x be any real number and find a corresponding y. This ordered pair (x,y) will be a solution to the equation as well as a point on the graph of the line.

How do you graph y equals -x-4?

Take a few (minimum of two, take 2 only after prior practice) values of x as desired and substitute in the equation to get the y values. Now take a graph and have a scale (usually 1m = 1 unit) and point the x and y values on the graph. Join these points to form a line. This is the required graph

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