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For example:

28 divided by 4

You think the answer is 7.

Use multiplication to check. Use the quotient (7) and multiply with the divisor (4 the one outside of the house.

7 x 4 = 28.

The quotient 7 is correct.

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Q: How can you use multiplication to check a quotient?
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How can you use mutiplication to check quotient?

To use multiplication to check the quotient, you multiply the quotient by the divisor given! For instance: 6 / 2 = 3 Then, to check that 3 is the quotient of 6 and 2, multiply 3 by 2 to get 3 x 2 = 6.

How can you use multiplication to check a division problem?

we can multiply the divisor & the quotient to find the dividend

When you find a quotient you use multiplication to help what is that called?

reverse division

How do you check the quotient from a multiplication problem?

When numbers are divided, the result is called the quotient. When numbers are multiplied, the result is called the product. To check the result of a multiplication problem, divide the result (the product) by one of the multipliers. The quotient will be the other multiplier. EXAMPLE : To verify that 387 x 211 = 81657, then divide 81657 by 387. The answer (quotient) is 211.

What is a product or quotient?

a product is the answer to a multiplication problem and quotient is for division

What is a polynomial multiplication with a quotient of x 3 and a remainder of 2?

To get a quotient and a remainder, you would need to do a division, not a multiplication.

What is the answer to multiplication problem called?

Multiplication = productAddition = sumSubtraction = differenceDivision = quotient

How use multiplication to check the answer to a division problem?

Dividend divided by divisor equals quotient. If you multiply the quotient by the divisor, you should get the dividend. 18/9 = 2 2 x 9 = 18 Just reverse your steps.

How can you use multiplication to check if a quotient is correct?

If you multiply the divisor by the quotient you should get the original number. For example, if I want to check 10/2 =5. I multiply the divisor 2 by the quotient 5 and check to see if it gives me back my original number, 10. 2*5 =10 so 5 was the correct quotient. Alternatively if you divide the original number by the quotient you should get the divisor. In the above example, that would be 10/5=2.

If a division answer is a quotient then what is a multiplication answer?

The result of multiplication is the "product", regardless of what the result of division is called.

What is another name for multiplication or division?

Multiplication is finding the product Division is finding the quotient

How can you use multiplication to check quotient?

You can use multiplication to check a quotient because, if you think about it, division is like algebra with multiplication.Lets say you have the problem 49/749/7 is 7, right? So you check by taking the answer (7) and the divisor (7) and multiply it to check.Does 7x7=49? Yes, it does!The quotient is right if you multiply the divisor by the quotient and get the dividend.Another example for your benefit:153/3You do the calculations wrong, but you are smart enough to check to find out you did this.Lets say you think that 153/3=13.You check by doing: 13x3.When you are done calculating 13x3, you get 39.BUT you didn't get 39 when dividing.So this proves that 13 IS MOST DEFINITELY NOT the answer.You divide again and get 51.Being the smart person you are, you check that answer.51x3=153By checking, you got it right!

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