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    • Divide "1" by the argument "z" of the arcsec(z) function. Note, that "z" is equal to secant(angle) and 1/z is cosine (angle).
    • For example, if arcsec(4) then cosine is "1/4" value or 0.25.
    • Using a calculator, calculate the arccosine (arccos) function of "1/z" to get arcsec(z).

      Angle=arcsec(z)= arccos(1/z).

      In the example, arcsec(4)= arccos(0.25)=75.52 degrees.

    • Calculate arcsecant if the function is given as arcsec(sec(Z)) e.g. arcsec(sec(45)). In such a case you do not need to calculate the secant value and then follow Steps 1 and 2. Instead, get an instant answer: arcsec equals Z. In this example, arcsecant of sec(45) is 45.
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Q: How do I put arcsec in calculator?
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