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Write the statement as an algebraic equation. Then solve the equation.

Twice a number: 2x

Three times the number: 3x

One third the number: x/3

In your question, you said: 2x - 3x = x/3 + 14

Multiply each side by 3 ==> 6x - 9x = x + 42

Combine the terms on the left side ==> -3x = x + 42

Subtract 'x' from each side==> -4x = 42

Divide each side by -4 ==> x = 42/(-4) = -21/2

x = -10.5

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Q: How do i solve twice a number minus three times the number is equal to one third the number plus fourteen?
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How do you solve x squared minus 16?

You don't. There's no question there, and nothing that needs solving. If it were equal to something, then we could find what number 'x' must be.

How do you solve 5 minus negative 6?

To solve the problem 5 - -6, think of it as 5 + 6. You can do this because two negative numbers equal as positive number, and similarly two negative signs equal a positive. Therefore 5 --6 is 11.

How do you solve twice a number minus 3?

it depends what you want to do with it...if the number is x,then it is2x - 3=

How do you solve minus 2x squared plus 10x minus 14 equal 0?

It can't be solved because the discriminant of this quadratic equation is less than zero

Solve x squared minus 4 x minus 11 for x?

There's nothing there to solve, because no statement is made. If all of that were equal to something, then we could get some exercise figuring out what 'x' must be to make it a true statement. But in its present form, it doesn't say anything. It's just a number that depends on what 'x' is.

How do you solve 719 minus 423?

I put the larger number above the smaller number and then I subtract. 719 423 ----- 296

How do you solve log x - 2?

You cannot solve log x- 2 unless (i) log x - 2 is equal to some number or (ii) x is equal to some number.

How do you solve minus 9 minus 1?

Sobtract 1 from minus 9 and get minus 10.

How do you solve this equation -96 equals 33-y?

-96 = 33-y -96-33 = -y -129 = -y y = 129 Remember a minus divided into a minus is equal to a plus.

How do you solve x to the 2nd power minus 2x minus 13 equal 0?

Using the quadratic formula, you should get two answers: 1 + sqrt(14) and 1 - sqrt(14).

How do you solve 5x minus 2 divided by x squared minus 2x minus 3?

The question contains an expression but not an equation. You cannot solve an expression.

How do you solve 5x-2 equals 13?

you need to find out what can you multiply by 5 minus 2 will equal 13. so x=3