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If you know the radius, then

Diameter = 2 x (radius)

Circumference = (pi) x (diameter)


Circumference = 2 x (pi) x (radius)

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Q: How do know how to make out circumference and diameter if you only know the radius?
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What does circle have to do with math?

Circle is a shape. We have gotten to know a lot from circles. Because of circles, we get PI, radius, diameter, circumference, and other things. Circles fall into geometry, which is math. We can make many mathematical equations from circles.

What is the area of a circle with a radius of 11 and a circumference of 42?

Circumference not required, and in any case doesn't make sense for a radius of 11; it should be 69. A = pi x r x r = 121 pi = 380.12

How do you find the area of a circle given the radius of a circle?

Find the circumference of a circle with radius 5 ft.Area of a circle. The area of a circle of radius r is given by the polynomial πr2. Use 3.14 as an approximation for π.

What is the formula for the perimeter of a circle?

2 x pi x r where pi = 3.1416orpi x diameter.To find the perimeter you do pi (3.1415) times the diameter.Or you can figure by the radius (P=2 π r; i.e. Perimeter = 2 x 3.1415 x radius)The perimeter of a circle is its circumference. We use these formulas to find the circumference of a circle;C=d times pi orC=2 times the radius times pi (3.14).To make it easier to explain:Area: Pi (3.14) X Radius Squared (r 2) from the center out of the circlePerimeter: Pi (3.14) X Diameter (d) from one side of the circle to the otherThe perimeter of a circle is called Circumference.Here is the formula for Circumference:C= pi x d (pi times diameter)C= 3.14 x ______ (fill in the blank with the diameter of the circle)C= (your answer)NOTE: Pi is approximately 3.14 so when you are using pi to multiply, replace it with 3.14When the diameter is not given in a circle, double the radius to find the length of the diameter.

If the diameter of a circle is 20 inches what is the radius of the circle?

10 inches The diameter of a circle is twice the radius, so 1/2 of 20 inches is 10 inches. to make this sound easier: you just take half of the diameter. for instance lets say the diameter was 5. so your thinking: how can you split a odd number in half but you just turn the diameter of 5 and turn the radius into 2.5. u with me?? hoped i helped!! :) :)

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How many degrees does a wheel have to turn to make a length of 100 centimeters?

You need to know the circumference or diameter or radius or size of the wheel

Does two diameter make a radius?

No, 2 radii makes a diameter, because the diameter is the line which goes across the circle and exactly in the middle, and radius is the line from the circumference to the center. So r/2 = d

How you answer circumference?

1) First, Measure the Diameter. The diameter is the distance across a circle. It can be be seen as cutting a circle in half. 2) When the diameter is too large to determine, estimate the radius. The radius can be seen as half of the diameter. Once you picture the radius, multiply it by 2. 3) Now you may find the Circumference. Once you find the Diameter of a circle, you multiply it by pi. Pi is the value of 3.14 . Once you multiply the Diameter by pi, you find the Circumference! For example, if a jogger estimated diameter of a circular path as 200 meters across, then circumference would be 200 times 3.14 . 4) Make sure to verify your units of measurement. If your Diameter is in meters, your circumference must be in meters also. You just found the Circumference of a circle!!!

How many radius make a diameter?

A circle's diameter is twice its radius.

How does the change in the diameter affects the circumference?

It will make the circumference of the circle bigger or smaller

What is the circumference of a circle whose diameter is 7ft and circumference is 10ft?

There is a problem here. A circle with a 7-foot diameter has a circumference of 21.99 feet, not 10 feet.If the circumference is 10 feet, that would make the diameter 3.183 feet.

The circumference of a bicycle wheel is 50.24 inches What is the diameter?

Circumference is diameter times Pi, so diameter is circumference divided by Pi. Now you do the math. That would make it 16.

What does circle have to do with math?

Circle is a shape. We have gotten to know a lot from circles. Because of circles, we get PI, radius, diameter, circumference, and other things. Circles fall into geometry, which is math. We can make many mathematical equations from circles.

How do you find the diameter if i have the circumference?

Radius: rDiameter: dCircumference: Cd = 2rC = 2 Pi r = Pi dWhat_is_the_formula_for_finding_diameterSo make it c=Pi*dd=c/Pi

If the circumference of a circle is 37.68 cm then what would be the radius?

(1/2 (37.68/pi)) _____________________________________________________ The relationship of the circumference to the diameter is π (pi) The formula is... C = π D To make this more useful when you already have the circumference and want to find the diameter... D = C / π So, in this case, assuming a value of π to be 3.142 and giving an answer to the nearest two decimal places... D = 37.68 cm / 3.142 = 12.00 cm As the radius is half the diameter, the answer is 6 cm.

What is the circumference of a circle if a circle has a radius of 226.08 dm and a diameter of 36dm?

The question does not make sense as you have made an error with the measurements. The diameter is equal to exactly twice the radius. This must always be true in any circle. Your measurements do not agree and thus they are wrong and this question can't be answered with confidence.

If the radius is six and you where trying to make it a diamider what would be the answer?

To answer this question, two assumptions are made. One that the questioner is referring to a circle and that they want to know the diameter not the diamider. The diameter of a circle is twice the radius; therefore, the answer is 12.

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