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You cannot. Diameter and length can, for some particular shapes, give you the volume. But that will not give you the mass unless you know the density of the substance.

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Q: How do you calculate the mass given diameter and length?
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How do you find the density when given mass and diameter?

You need more information than mass and diameter to calculate density

How do you find the length of a rod given the diameter and the mass?

You cannot, there is no single-rule, formulaic relationship between mass and physical measurements like length or diameter.

Relationship between mass and length and diameter?

There is no intrinsic relationship between mass and length or diameter. A line segment or diameter has no mass. So you can double its length and the mass remains unchanged.

How do you calculate mass-to-volume ratio?

by condromising the the mass and diving the mass by the diameter of volume.

What is the formula of calculating weight of a round bar of en1a material if its diameter and length is given?

Density or weight is calculated by mass/volume

How do you calculate weight if length width and thikness given of hollow shaft?

You cannot. The mass depends on the material of the shaft and that has not been specified.

How do you calculate the length of steel in kg?

Kilogram is a unit of mass, not of length.Kilogram is a unit of mass, not of length.Kilogram is a unit of mass, not of length.Kilogram is a unit of mass, not of length.

How do you calculate the molar mass?

Given mass divided by moles of molecules.

How do you calculate mass when given force and acceleration?

Mass = force/acceleration

How do you calculate mole?

given mass / molar mass is one of the ways.

How do you calculate acceleration given force and mass?

Acceleration = (force) divided by (mass)

How do you calculate density when given mass and volume?

Divide the mass by the volume: density = mass ÷ volume

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