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Length X Width X Depth of the tank in centimeters, divided by 1000.

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Q: How do you calculate volume of water liters in rectangular tank?
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How do you calculate of liters of water in tank?

its just the volume which is l•w•h (lengthxwidthxhight

What is the volume of 1000 liters of water?

What is the volume of 1000 liters of water

How do you get the volume of a rectangular prism if length is not given?

You cannot calculate it without the length. However, it is possible to get the volume by submerging the prism in water and measuring the volume of the displaced water.

If a beaker had 160 liters of water what is the volume?

Liters is a measurement of volume. 160 Liters is the volume.

A beaker contains 45ml of water what is the volume of this water in Liters?

The volume is 0.045 liters.

How can a volume of water be deteremined?

The easy way: Pour the water into a graduated container, like a graduated cylinder, and read the volume directly. The hard way: Calculate the volume of a regularly shaped container (cylindrical or rectangular). Pour the water into the container. Measure the height of the water in the container. Calculate the volume of the unfilled portion of the container. Subtract this volume from the total volume of the container.

A rectangular shaped aquarium with base measuring 0.08m and height 0.20m is filled with water to a depth of 0.15m.calculate the volume of water in the aquarium?

Is 0.08m the length or width of this rectangular aquarium? Need both measurements to calculate the volume of water, unless this is a SQUARE shaped aquarium.

How do you calculate the mass of water?

Water has a density of 1 kilogram per liter. As such, it's quite simple to calculate the mass of water using the volume, translating liters directly to kilograms.

How can you find the volume of water in a pipe in liters?

calculate the volume in centimeters and then convert 1000 cubic centimeters to a liter. Liters Volume of a Pipe = Length Pipe(cent.) *PI*radius Pipe (cent.) squared/1000

Two liters of water has a volume if how many cubic centimeters?

Two liters of water has a volume of how many cubic centimeters?

How can you find the volume of a solid that is not rectangular?

Water displacement

What is the volume of 3 Liters of water?

3 litres IS the volume

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