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Divide 1.5 miles by 45 minutes to get speed in miles per minute. Multiply by 5280 ft/mile to get feet per minute, then multiply by 60 minutes/hour to get to feet per hour. 1.5miles/45 minutes X 5280 feet/mile X 60 minutes/hour = 10,560 feet/hour

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2012-04-30 23:06:34
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Q: How do you convert1.5 miles in 45 minutes to how many feet are traveled in an hour?
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What is Miles per hour to feet traveled ratio?

1 : 5,280

A freight train travels 44 feet in 1 second. at this ratehow many miles will it travel in 1 hour?

That's a rate of 30 miles per hour. A minute is 60 seconds. An hour is 60 minutes or 60*60=3600 seconds. The distance traveled in 1 hour is 44*3600 or 158400 feet. A mile is 5280 feet. Therefore the distance traveled in miles is 158400/5280 or 30 miles.

If travelling 80 miles an hour how many feet per second are traveled?

80 miles per hour equates to 117.3 feet per second.

Distance traveled in feet after 12 seconds at 87 miles per hour?

87 miles per hour = 1,531.2 feet per 12 seconds

If you traveled 169 miles in 3 hours and 30 minutes how many feet per minute would that be?

There are 5280 feet in one mile. Therefore, 169 miles is equal to 169 x 5280 = 892320 feet. There are (3 x 60) + 30 = 210 minutes in three and a half hours. Therefore, you would be travelling at 892320 / 210 = 4249 and one seventh (that is, 4249.142857 recurring) feet per minute.

If traveling at two feet per second how many miles have you traveled in one hour?

At two feet per second, you will travel 1.364 miles in one hour.

What is the speed of a vehichle that traveled 600 feet in six seconds?

68.2 miles per hour.

How far did the parade travel per minute if the parade traveled 6 miles in 2 hours?

The parade traveled 264 feet per minute.

Distance traveled in feet after 12 seconds and 87 miles per hour?

1,531.2 feet in 12 seconds @87 mph

How many feet are traveled per second at 74 mph?

108.53 feet per second at 74 miles per hour.

What is the speed of 5572 feet in 2.5 minutes?

5,572 feet in 2.5 minutes equates to 25.33 miles per hour.

What is 3 feet per minute for 45 minutes?

135 feet in 45 minutes OR 0.034 miles per hour.

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