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Q: How do you do the addition problem modeled on the number line?
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Do you have to line up the decimal?

in a multiplication problem, you don't have to. in addition & subtraction, you do

How the segment addition postulate can be modeled using a real world object?

the world is an oval so ab make a line so if you dived what you said by 2 it equals 3

What kind of line segments are modeled by railroad track?

Parallel lines.

When would you use a number line in life?

When you are starting to learn about numbers, their addition and subtraction.

What are the types of Addition?

The types of addition include associative (changing the grouping of numbers does not change the sum), commutative (changing the order of numbers does not change the sum), and identity (adding zero to a number gives the same number).

How do you put the problem -5 plus 3 on a number line?

Start at the number -5. Adding a positive number implies moving to the right on a number line, so move 3 spaces to the right on the number line. This gives -5 + 3 = -2.

Brain teaser in math?

Replace the letters in this problem with numbers. A letter is the same number every time it appears. I lined up each line but when I post it, it alters it a little. It should look like a 4-line addition problem (MARS + VENUS + SATURN + URANUS, all of which total "NEPTUNE"). Line them up like you would normally when adding four different number sets. (you will use all #'s 0-9) MARS VENUS SATURN + URANUS ------ NEPTUNE

How do you solve x plus 5y equals 10?

x + 5y = 10 is not a question or a problem, so it doesn't need a solution,and it doesn't have one.It's the equation of a straight line, and the (x, y) coordinates of every pointon the line satisfy the equation.There's no such thing as a single number for 'x' and a single number for 'y'until you have another equation in addition to this one.

What is the use of number line?

It shows multiple numbers in order to use in addition, subtraction, etc.

What is a number line problem?

a problem that u need a number line to use. like it would be a line with dash marks that signify -5 -4 -3 -2 -1 0 1 2 3 4 5 and it will have a open or a closed circle on a number with a bolder line until the end of the whole thing or until another number thus signifying what the answers could be such that x is greater or equal to 3

If two points are labeled on a number line?

Remember the centre of the number line is zero(0) Number to the right of zero are positive(+) Numbers to the left of zero are negative(-) When moving along the number from left to right, then it is Addition. When moving along the number line from right to left then it is Subtraction. Here is the numbers line -infinity .... -10, -9 , -8 , -7, -6, -5, -4, -3, -2, -1, 0 ,1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, ... +inifinity. So we want to make the addition. -6 + 10 . So start at '-4' count 10 places to the right(addition), you will land on (+)4. Making the subtraction. 6 - 10 . So start at (+)6, count 10 places to the left(subtraction) , you will land on '-4'. Hope that helps!!!!

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