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how do i make a stem and leaf plot with decimals

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Q: How do you make a stem and leaf plot using decimals and whole numbers?
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Are stem-and-leaf displays easy to construct?

yes just if you are using decimals put the whole number then a line then all the numbers after dp in a row

What is the advantage of using stem and leaf diagram?

It gives the numbers in numerical order, but you don't have to read the whole number and you don't lose organization.

How do you do a stem and leaf plot with fractions and whole numbers mixed together?

You round the fractions to decimal numbers to a suitable number of decimal digits. Then create a stem and leaf plot using these numbers - ignoring the decimal point, except that you must make sure you mention it in the key.

Is a stem and leaf plot the same when using 1.25 numbers?

The answer will depend on same as WHAT!

How do you make a stem and leaf plot with decimals?

You use the stem in the place of the decimals and make a key such as 4 (line) 1 = 4.1

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What do stem and leaf charts show?


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Can the stem and leaf plot have double digit numbers?


How do you create a leaf and stem display?

it is a shorthand for representing numbers break them each into 2 parts the last digit is called the leaf and the rest is called the stem. Ex. the number 75 has a stem of 7 and a leaf of 5. then collect all the numbers with the numbers and place them in a row. Ex.129 has stem of 12 and a leaf of 9.

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