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you foil it out.... for example take the first number or variable of the monomial and multiply it by everything in the polynomial...

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Multiply each term of the polynomial by the monomial.

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Q: How do you multiply monomial by a polynomial?
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Is this a polynomial or binomial or trinomial 4x2?

It is a polynomial (monomial). It is a polynomial (monomial). It is a polynomial (monomial). It is a polynomial (monomial).

What do you multiply after you divide a polynomial by a monomial?

You multiplay the consents and who cares about math, go out and party! the world will end in 2012 anyway!To divide a polynomial by a monomial you don't need to multiply the polynomial.

If you multiply a trinomial by a monomial what type of polynomial will the product be?


Do you use the distributive property with a monomial and a polynomial?

If you want to multiply the monomial by the polynomial, yes. In that case, you have to multiply the monomial by every term of the polynomial. For example: a (b + c + d) = ab + ac + ad More generally, when you multiply together two polynomials, you have to multiply each term in one polynomial by each term of the other polynomial; for example: (a + b)(c + d) = ac + ad + bc + bd All this can be derived from the distributive property (just apply the distributive property repeatedly).

What is a polynomial divided by a polynomial?


Why is it that monomial is a polynomial?

A monomial is simply a special case of a polynomial - one with a single term.

Is 18 a monomial or polynomial?

A single term, so monomial.

Is every term a monomial?

Every term of a polynomial is a monomial.

After you divide a polynomial by a monomial you can check your answer by multiplying it by the original?


Is 11x2 a polynomial?

Yes. In general, a monomial is a polynomial.

Is 4 multiply 3 times X plus 5 times X times 6 a polynomial?

No. It simplifies to a monomial.

What kind of polynomial is x3y3?

It is a monomial.