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If a number is already a whole number, and you are being asked to round it to the nearest whole number, then you don't need to round it anymore, since itself is the nearest whole number.

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Q: How do you round a whole number to the nearest whole number without decimals?
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How can you round the decimals numbers to the nearest whole number?

work out

How do you round 48.81 to the nearest whole number in decimals?

48.81 will round up to 49.

How do you estimate sums with decimals?

I think you round it to the nearest whole number...

How much is 4 divided by 53 without decimals?


What is 47.5 to the nearest whole number?

a hole number is a number without decimals so your answer is 48 if it was 47.4 it would be 47 .4 and below you round down and .5 and above you round up.

What is 2.8 as a whole number?

You can't convert a number with decimals (or a fraction) to a whole number, without losing precision. You can round it to the nearest number, or truncate it (just remove the decimals), but in any case, that won't be the same number (just the nearest integer, in case you choose to round it), so "2.8 as a whole number" really doesn't exist.

How do you round to the nearest cent with decimals?


What is the whole number of 10.555?

11A whole number is a positive number without decimals. To find the closest whole number version of 10.555, round it to the nearest number. Since 5 and above round up, 10.555 rounds to 11.

How do you use a number line to round decimals to the nearest whole number?

You see which tick is nearer to the point on the number line.

How do you round 36 to the nearest ten with decimals?


What are the rules for rounding decimals?

Round to the nearest decimal

What numbers in decimals round to 17 when rounded to the nearest whole number?

Anything between 16.5 and 17.49

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