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Two hundred-thousandths.

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Q: How do you say 0.00002 in decimal words?
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How do you say the decimal 0.06 in words?

It is six hundredths.

How do you say 0.14 in decimal words?

0.14 is "fourteen hundredths"

How do you say 4.506 in decimal words?

Four and five hundred six thousandths.

How do you say the decimal 30030003 in words?

Thirty million, thirty thousand, three.

How do you say 482.4 the decimal in words?

Four hundred eighty two and four tenths.

How do you say 0.015 in words?

Most people would say "fifteen thousandths". It would not be wrong to say "Point (or decimal) zero one five".

Decimal in words of 6.52?

Six and fifty-two one-hundredths._________________________________6.52Six; it is a whole number.6.52When you have a decimal, you say "and".6.52Since there are two terms to the right of a decimal, the place value is in the one-hundredths. Simply say the number, then the correct place value.

How do you write 1.65 in words?

one and sixty-five hundredths ^ l l You say "and" to indicate that there is an decimal.

How do you say 0.14 in words?

You would say 0.14 as "zero point one four" in words.

How do you say 1.03 in word?

You can say 1 and 3 hundreds. In general look at the decimal part and say it in words. In this case, 3 hundreds. Next look at the number to the left of the decimal point and say it plus what come after.Another example for you is 1.001. This is one and one thousandth.

How do you say the decimal 3.41 in words?

Expressed in word form, 3.41 is equal to three point four one.

Decimal numbers in words 12.9?

write the following decimal numbers in words .0087945