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A normal 3x3 magic square has a sum of 15. So you subtract 3 from each number in the square.

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Q: How do you solve a 3x3 magic square with the sum of 6?
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In a 3x3 magic square what is the relationship between the center number and the sum?

Sum = 3 x centre

Determine whether or not the given square is a magic square?

A 3x3 magic square means that each row, each column, and both diagonals all have the same sum.

Can you solve a magic square with the sum of 66?

Yes, it is not that difficult.

How do you solve magic sum puzzle?

use the inverse square method, it works the fastest

What is the sum of the square of 3?

3*3=9 9 is the answer.

3x3 magic square using negative numbers?

[ -8 ] [ -1 ] [ -6 ][ -3 ] [ -5 ] [ -7 ][ -4 ] [ -9 ] [ -2 ]The sum of each row, column, and diagonal is -15.

What is the sum of a 4x4 magic square?


Can sums all rows equal 9 using 0 - 8 only once?

There are 9 numbers. Assuming the question refers to a 3x3 "magic" square, the answer is no. The sum of all nine numbers is 36 so each of the 3 rows must sum to 12.

What is the number for the fist magic square in mission 7?

the magic sum is 15

How do you solve a magic square 33 with a sum of -12?


A magic square is a square array of positive integers such that the sum of each row column and?

I recently studied a magic square. It is a square that when each row, diagonal, horizontally, or vertically is added up, it equals the same positive integer.

How do you make a fraction magic square?

To make a fraction magic square, start by filling in the grid with fractions so that each row, column, and diagonal has the same sum. Use different fractions that have the same sum but different denominators to create a variety of solutions. You can also adjust the value of the fractions to make the magic square more challenging.