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It would be y = 6x.

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Q: How do you write equation for vertical stretch of factor 6 for yx?
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How do you write an equation with and undefined slope?

Any vertical line has an undefined slope. The equation of the vertical line is x = a where the x-intercept is a.

How do you write equations for vertical lines?

The equation of every vertical line is [ X = the value of 'x' where the line crosses the x-axis ].

How do you write equations for ertical and horizontal lines?

A vertical line has the equation [ x = a number ]. A horizontal line has the equation [ y = a number ].

Write the equation of the vertical line passing through 1 7 and 1 1?

x = 1

Why can you not write an equation of a vertical line?

A vertical line has the equation x = C (a constant value), where y has all values, x has only one value, and the slope is undefined (the run, Δx, is zero, so you cannot divide the rise by the run).

How do you write an equation for a function?

Y = X2 ===== This is a parabolic function because it passes the vertical line test. ( you should know what that test is )

How do you write a rule as an equation?

write a rule as an equation

Are all linear equations functions why or why not?

The equation x=c where c is a constant is the equation of a vertical line. It can't be a function but it is linear so the answer is no. For example, the vertical line produced by the linear equation x = 3 does not represent a function. We cannot write this equation so that y is a function of x because the only x-value is 3 and this "maps" to every real-number y.

Can you write the equation out?

Yes, you can write an equation out in words. This is often done to make clear what the equation in numerals is.

How do you write a balanced equation for the oxidation of sucrose?

how do you write the balance equation of sucrose?

How do you write chay in stenography?


How do you write an equation if the slope is undefined?

Undefined slopes belong to lines that are vertical. These lines do not cross the y-axis, but do cross the x-axis. Therefore, the equation for these lines are always: x = # (where # is the value at which the line is crossing the x-axis).

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