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if the magic square is magic then it is found inside bananas.

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Q: How is the magic number in a magic square found?
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Does the number 5 always have to be in the middle of a magic square?

Think! What if the magic square had an even number of cells. There's your answer.

How is the magic number in a magic square obtained?

You can get the magic total by squaring the number, adding 1, multiplying by the number, then dividing by 2.

In the magic square can you repeat the same number?


What is the number for the fist magic square in mission 7?

the magic sum is 15

How do you do a magic square of fractions?

A simple way is to use a regular magic square and then divide each value by the same number. Dividing by a common multiple of all the number will give a magic square of fractions with all 1's as numerators

What makes a magic square number?

harry of course

What is the magic square that uses multiples of five?

Just take any magic square, and multiply every number by 5. Here you will get another magic square with all numbers multiples of 5.

How do you solve a 3x3 magic square with the sum of 6?

A normal 3x3 magic square has a sum of 15. So you subtract 3 from each number in the square.

How do you make a magic square without the number 3?

Start with a magic square which includes the number 3. Then either: Add 3 to each number, or Multiply each number by any integer other than 3.

What was the first number Benjamin Franklin put on his magic square?


What is the history of the magic square?

Magic Square is arrangement of numbers within in a square of nine spaces. The number are 1-9 and each row is configured so the three numbers add up to 15.

Which culture invented the magic square?

The magic square is not actually magical; it is just a grid where each side - diagonally, horizontally, and vertically - add up to a specific number. It was, supposedly, invented by the Chinese.