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Depends how many days in the month.

120 / number of days = hours per day


30 days in the month:

120 / 30 = 4 hours per day

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2012-05-02 10:40:59
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Q: How many hours per day is in 120 hours a month?
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How many hours are you at school in a month?

If you're in school for 6 hours a day and 5 days a week, it should be about 120 hours.

How many hour has 1 month?

A 29 day month has 696 hours, a 30 day month has 720 hours, and a 31 day month has 744 hours.

How many weeks is 120 hours?

120 hours is 5 days. There are 24hours in a day so 120/24 =5

How many hours one month?

744 hours in a 31 day month and in a 30 day month there is 720 hours in a 29 day month there is 696 hours and subtract 24 to 696 and it subtracts to the sum of a 28 day month in february

How many days is 120 hours if you only worked 8 hours a day?

That would be 15 days to work 120 hours. 15x8=120

How many hours are in a 30-day month?

720 hours.

How hany hours are in 1 month?

In a 30 day month they are 720 hours. In a 31 day month they are 744 hours. In a 28 day month they are 672 hours. In a 29 day month they are 696 hours.

How many hours is in a whole month?

in a 30 day month 720, in a 31 day month 744, in a 29 day month 696, in a 28 day month 672.

How many hours per day is in 37 hours a month?

Depending on the month. If it's 30-days-based month, then it would be 37/30, which is 1.23333333.... hours per day.

How do you calculate how many hours in a month?

There are 30 days in a month and each day has 24 hours. This is how we calculate.

How many hours teachers work a month?

depends how many hours they work and use a calculator to do how many hours they work a day and times it by how many days in a month.

How many hours in a work month?

176 for 22days at 8 hours a day

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