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on the real number line there are 2 values with |5|, ie +5 and -5.

on the complex plane there are an infinite set of values with an absolute value of 5, ie all the points of distance 5 from the origin.

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Q: How many numbers have an absolute value equal to 5?
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How many numbers have an absolute value of 1?


How many numbers have an absolute value of 54?

There are two real numbers and infinitely many complex numbers.

How many numbers have an absolute value of five fourths?

Two (assuming you are talking about real numbers). In general, for any given positive number, there will be two real numbers whose absolute value is that given number. In the case of complex numbers, the answer is "infinitely many" - all the numbers on a circle centered on the origin, with that radius, have that absolute value.

How many numbers have an absolute value of 12?

two- (12) and (-12)

How many rational numbers have absolute value less than 3?

Infinitely many.

How many numbers have an absolute value of 5 over 4?

Only two real numbers but infinitely many complex numbers.

What is the absolute value of 47?

47 because absolute value measures how many digits you are away from zero, so for example the absolute value of five is five

How many integers have an absolute value of 15?

Two. +15 and -15 are the only integers with an absolute value of 15.

How many integers have a absolute value of 10?

Two of them.

When would an absolute value inequality result in one interval as the solution set?

This typically happens when the absolute value is less than something. Here is a simple example:| x | < 3 This results in all numbers between -3 and 3.

What are the steps to find the mean absolute deviation?

add the numbers and divide them by how many numbers there are

What two numbers equals 96?

many numbers can equal 96. If you want two equal numbers then it would be 48.

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